If you are a top organization with an exemplary record in advancing gender equality and ensuring a safe and respectful workplace, we would like to hear from you.  We are looking for Hire US Back™ partners from all sectors, including business, universities, health care institutions, media outlets and every level of government.

Your decision to support women who have experienced workplace sexual misconduct by helping them to restart their careers will truly transform victims into survivors and fully contributing members of the economy once again. And it will break important new ground in the #MeToo era.

Please contact Kathleen Finlay, founder of Hire US Back™, by email here.

For the Media

Concern about the extent and impact of sexual misconduct is setting new demands for the way organizations prevent workplace abuse and deal with it when it occurs. Survivors, like those who created the Hire US Back™ initiative, are leading the way in building the sea change of awareness and policy response that is required.  Hire US Back™  also works with the media and scholars to provide insight and commentary on the unique needs of survivors and the importance of providing meaningful opportunities to return to the career workplace that in too many cases has been stolen from them.  

If you are a member of the media or a researcher working in this area, and are interested in the voice of survivors in pioneering this new chapter in #MeToo, please contact Kathleen Finlay here.

Email here.