Frequently Asked Questions

Survivors who have faced the traumatizing effects of sexual misconduct on their careers often ask, “where do I go to get my life back?” We think Hire US Back™, dedicated to rebuilding the lives of survivors by helping to restart their careers with the best organizations, is a really good beginning.


What is Hire US Back?

Hire US Back™ is a survivor-driven initiative spearheaded by Kathleen Finlay, founder of The ZeroNowCampaign, to help survivors of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and bullying, safely return to the workplace and resume their careers.  It is a totally new and unique concept not available anywhere else. Rebuilding the lives of survivors by helping them reenter the workforce is the great unmet need of the #MeToo era.  Hire US Back™ is filling that gap.


Why is it needed?

Often the outcome of a sexual misconduct complaint is the loss of a job. Many women are forced to leave because of the hostile environment that resulted or is being intentionally created. Finding another job is often difficult. Returning to one’s chosen career field can be impossible. There are many reasons for this, including feelings of humiliation, adverse references and bias against women who stand up against workplace sexual misconduct, who are frequently labeled as “trouble makers.”

Sexual misconduct has already robbed many women of their dignity, their self-respect and their peace of mind. They should not have their livelihoods taken from them as well.

We think it’s time to give back to these victims the things that were stolen by workplace abuse, starting with a job. Our experience is that when victims begin to rebuild their careers in a safe and respectful workplace, many of the other adverse effects of sexual misconduct also begin to heal.


Who are Hire US Back partners?

Hire US Back™ partners are the best employers in their fields who know that having a safe and respectful workplace is a key to success. They are composed of leading corporations, financial services institutions, government agencies, universities and healthcare providers. They are proud of their solid track record of innovating in gender equality issues.

They know, too, that showing their employees and other stakeholders that they are truly committed to fighting sexual misconduct also means standing with women who have spoken out and paid for it with their jobs. Transforming lives for the better through Hire US Back™ is an inspiring way to show employees and the rest of the world the strength of that commitment. They demonstrate these values and commitments when they show their support for the Hire US Back program.


How can I know this time I will be safe?

When you see an organization that displays the Hire US Back™ logo shown above, you can be sure it has been specially vetted to ensure an exemplary record in maintaining a safe and respectful workplace and for its commitment to best practices in the handling of any incident that may arise. They know that their reputations, and their success, depend on how well, in both fact and perception, they respect their employees and protect them from abuse.

They also know that increasingly in this #MeToo-driven awakening, stakeholders — including customers, shareholders, employees and the general public — are rating organizations by how enlightened their gender equity policies are, as well as the quality of top management in demonstrating its leadership to prevent and address sexual misconduct.

In addition, the Hire US Back™ team are innovators in creating best practices to ensure safe and respectful workplaces which reduce the risk of harm. Some of our proposals have already been adopted by leading organizations, including governments. We are constantly working with our partner organizations to ensure the support of applicants responding to the program. We are always available to assist with any concerns that might arise.  


How does it work?

When you apply for an advertised or posted job opening with a Hire US Back™ partner for which you believe you are qualified, you can be sure that your previous experience in reporting sexual misconduct will not be held against you.

In fact, Hire US Back™ partners recognize the high added value of employees who stand up against wrongdoing and protect others in the workplace. They, and the Hire US Back™ team, are prepared to work with you to overcome any limitations or barriers that may have resulted from your previous experience — both during the application and interview process and, if successful in obtaining the position, by integrating you into your new workplace.


What happens when I apply under the Hire US Back™ program?

Hire US Back™ makes every effort to ensure that you feel comfortable, respected and valued. We know how important it is for you to have the support you need to be successful in restarting your career.  

Once you have indicated to a partner organization that you are applying under the Hire US Back™ program, our Hire US Back™ team will work with you and the organization to determine if you have any special needs or concerns that require support during the application and interview process. If you are offered a position, we develop a customized workplace reentry plan, based on your unique experience and individual capabilities. We then make sure that the support you may need is available as the job unfolds.

As a survivor-driven initiative, we are familiar with just about every emotional and job-related barrier that can make it hard to resume a career in the traditional way.


Does it cost me anything?

No. The Hire US Back™ program is made possible through the generosity and support of our partners and The ZeroNow Campaign that founded it.


Whats in it for Hire US Back™ partners?

Hire US Back™employers know that women who have lost their jobs and careers to sexual misconduct have too much talent and experience to be left on the sidelines. They recognize that these women will be among the most conscientious and productive workers when they are given a real chance at a new beginning.   And they understand that, in speaking out against wrongdoing and trying to protect others in the workplace, these women have shown the kind of attributes that all organizations need.

Our partners benefit not only from the satisfaction of transforming lives for the better and lifting survivors out of the shadows and into the workplace again, but their constituency of stakeholders — which can include employees, customers, shareholders, students, faculty, staff and entire communities — will take pride in what their organization is doing to stand up for survivors and reinforce the commitment to a safe and respectful workplace.

A workplace where every employee feels safe and respected is one that serves everyone’s interests better.


How do I know Hire US Backreally has my interests at heart?

Good question! If you would like to learn more about the creation of Hire US Back™, please The ZeroNow™ Campaign. There, you can read about the devastating accounts of other victims, along with the first-hand experience of its founder, Kathleen Finlay.

You can also read about the role Kathleen has played in supporting victims and survivors who have reached out to her over the years from around the world.

For many years, she has operated the only online support outreach clinic for victims of sexual misconduct in the workplace and for those still seeking to heal from previous incidents. Learn about her success as an advocate for the kind of robust changes in laws and organizational practices that are called for in this heightened #MeToo era.


Any questions not covered?

Send Kathleen Finlay an email. She always reads and responds to her messages.