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Achieving zero tolerance for sexual misconduct is about more than nice sounding words.  It’s about bold actions that make a real difference in protecting women  — and their careers — when they speak out. Too many survivors have paid with their jobs and careers because they’ve reported sexual assault and harassment, and are faced with significant barriers to re-entering the workplace as a result. It’s time for our best organizations to stand up and make a place for women who are too talented and courageous to be just left on the sidelines. Welcome to Hire US Back™!

A unique initiative to rebuild lives by restarting the careers of #MeToo survivors

Hire US Back™ partners with the best organizations to help survivors of sexual misconduct rebuild their lives by restarting their careers.  It is a totally unique approach to answering the great unmet need of the #MeToo era and supporting the victims and survivors who have too long been forgotten.  Read more…

Tackling a big workplace problem and doing a great service for your organization

Real leaders embrace innovation and get in front of challenge. Few rest on their laurels or presume that the old ways of the past will meet the needs of tomorrow. It is that kind of organization that is eager to step up to the plate and stand with victims of sexual misconduct in helping them to safely re-enter the workplace. These are the kind of partners who support Hire US Back Read more…

Survivor-driven value to help maintain a safe and respectful workplace

Our knowledge and experience as a survivor-driven organization allows us to work with our partners to add unique risk-reducing value to their workplace. Today, more than ever, every organization needs to make sure it is following best practices in preventing sexual misconduct in its workplace and in the way it responds to complaints and concerns when they arise. Read more…

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