The Hire US Back Dividend

The Hire US Back™ Dividend:
How Organizations Benefit by Standing with Survivors

Tackling a big workplace problem can do a great service for your organization.

Real leaders embrace innovation and get in front of challenge. Few rest on their laurels or presume that the old ways of the past will meet the needs of tomorrow. It is that kind of organization that is eager to step up to the plate and stand with survivors of sexual misconduct in helping them to safely re-enter the workplace. These are the kind of partners who support Hire US Back.

If you are that kind of organization, we’d like to talk with you about becoming a partner in our Hire US Back™ initiative to help survivors of sexual misconduct rebuild their lives by restarting their careers.  We are looking for exemplary companies, universities, health care institutions and governments at all levels that are committed to ensuring a workplace that is safe and respectful of everyone who works there.

Hire US Back™ has been created by survivors for survivors.  It is based on the social enterprise model. It is not charity.  Survivors want and need jobs, and a second chance at rebuilding their careers within existing organizational structures and market principles.

All organizations can benefit from the kind of employee with the experience of these survivors.

They’ve already been tested for their courage and moral strength in standing up against wrongdoing and preventing harm to others. Their experiences have made them acutely aware of the importance of work and a job well done.  And they bring their own set of healing virtues, such as compassion and an appreciation for the importance of respect and kindness in every human interaction, that all organizations need.  

Every top organization knows they can never have enough of these winning — and reputation enhancing — attributes among their employees. At the same time, there are real pluses for your own unique constituency of stakeholders, whether they are shareholders, customers, employees, students, or staff and faculty.

Giving survivors a second chance can be the source of enormous internal and stakeholder pride in any top organization. 

Giving survivors a second chance can be the source of enormous internal pride and provide reassurance to the whole workplace that you are a leader in combating one of society’s most pressing challenges today: building and maintaining a safe and respectful workplace.

And a workplace where everyone feels safe and respected is an empowered and productive workplace. 

If you think it’s time to stand with the survivors of sexual misconduct, please contact Kathleen Finlay. You will not only make a difference in the lives of these too-long forgotten victims, but you will be doing a great service for your organization, too.